Free Stuff

Here are some downloads that I've made. They are free for personal use. Please link with love. Pinning is welcome with the proper permalink.
  1. Valentine's Flags and Tags
  2. How to Act with Dignity Subway Art (8x10)
  3. Autumn Postcard Art (4x6)
  4. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (8x10)
  5. Come What May and Love It (8x10)
  6. Autumn Subway Art (8x10)
  7. Yellow (8x10)
  8. Love Story (I Heart People) (8x10)
  9. Fresh with No Mistakes (8x10) 
  10. Do Your Best Posters in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts Colors (8x10) 
  11. Follow Your Bliss (8x10) 
  12. Hung on a Line (8x10)
  13. Happy As Kings (8x10)
  14. Embark in the Service of God (8x10)
  15. Bear Hugs (printable valentines, sheet of 16)
  16. Teacher Valentines ("You've Got the 'Write' Stuff"; printable valentines sheet of 3)
  17. Leia and Han Valentine (I Love You: I know)
  18. Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ
  19. Don't Grow Up (8x10)
  20. Where the Buffalo Plaid Roams (5x7)
  21. Limits Unknown (8x10)
  22. Old Irish Blessing (8x10)

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