Hi! I’m Jill. I’m so glad you’re here.
I love bookstores, fresh raspberries and peaches, looking at the stars, and creating beautiful, useful and delicious things. Most of all I love my four crazy sons and my brilliant scientist husband.

We live in central New York, but I consider myself a Southern girl at heart (anyone who loves pickled okra as much as I do would have to be). We moved to a little town right on Lake Ontario in New York in 2013 and went from an annual snowfall of 0” to over 200” last winter, but the summers and autumns here help make up for that.

My husband teaches biology at the local university and I take care of business at home. Cooking and doing laundry for my five guys is pretty much a full time job.

One of the things that makes me happiest is flexing my creative muscles. I have spent time on two design teams (Jacksonbelle Embellishments, H&M Stamps), been a contributor to a major craft/design blog (Simply Designing), had my card designs and photography published in three magazines (Creating Keepsakes, Paper Crafts and Lee County Magazine) and have won several online card design contests and craft blog features.

I am also a word nerd. I majored in English. I like writing—it helps me process my thoughts. I enjoy grammar (no worries, my blog is a judgment free zone). I love reading.

I call my blog “Predilections” because it’s a great word, but also because I use it as a place to share those things in life that I have a special fondness for: creative pursuits, recipes, books, ideas, home and my family. I strive for positivity but I am also aiming to keep it real around here. Sometimes life is hard. It is. There’s no getting around that. But it is also beautiful.
Bring on the beauty.

My family, Summer 2014
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