Thursday, March 3, 2016

Limits Unknown

Here is the last of three prints that I made for my younger boys' room that I promised to share.

8x10 inspired by The Killers and Pendleton Woolen Mills National Parks Blankets.

Back at the beginning of the school year we chose The Killers song "Be Still" as our theme for this school year. I love the lyrics of this song. It is full of messages that I want my kids to internalize: life is hard; there are people who will try to drag you down but you can rise above all that; you have infinite worth; remember who you are and stay true to that; you are special.

It also reminds me that my kids will be on their own all too soon and I need to take this time to teach them and prepare them for the world. If you haven't heard it before, give it a listen. I love it and I think it is really beautiful. The whole Battle Born album is fantastic. The Killers have become one of my favorite bands.

So there you have three prints that you could use to make a nice little grouping on a bedroom wall. It's like a ready made gallery wall starter kit. You can download these prints free for personal use. Please don't post them on your own site. Showing a photograph of a room you have decorated with them is fine (I'd love to see what you do if you use them) but please give proper credit and send people here to my blog for the downloads. Just right click the image and save as. I usually save to my desktop so I can find whatever I've saved easily. Don't forget to check out my other free creations here.

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