Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Upstairs Bathroom Tour

We have one bathroom upstairs. That might not sound like much for a family of six but with the other bathroom downstairs we manage just fine.

This is definitely the girliest room in the house. I bought the shower curtain years ago when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the blue in my life and the rest of the room follows suit.

To the left as you enter the bathroom is the sink:

The vanity cabinet has only ever been primed so I need to paint it.

I love the beadboard, the fancy mirror/medicine cabinet, and the vintage wall sconces. They go well with the shabby chic vibe I already had going with my pink toile shower curtain.

And to the right when you enter the bathroom is the shower:

Behind the shower curtain is an avocado green tub and some tile that is in desperate need of re-grouting. It isn't very attractive. I didn't think you really needed to see it. You can take my word for it.

Between the shower and the outside wall is the toilet:

I love my HIS and HERS towels that my mom made for us. Aren't they fun?

Across from the toilet there is a little cubby hole shelf area for towels and stuff, and a laundry basket:

This little curio cabinet (above) is just sitting on the floor right now until I decide on a permanent home for it. I don't love it here but it is functional and not unattractive so for now it is fine there.

That's it--my shabby chic, pink and brown, upstairs bathroom with the 70s avocado bath tub. What do you think?

Short term updates:
--Re-grout shower tile
--Caulk around tub and fixtures
--Paint vanity cabinet
--Paint around windows
--New curtains (the current ones are okay but one of them is stained from where a mud dauber wasp -built a nest ON the curtain last summer when it found a way through the window screen).
--Find a spot for the curio cabinet
--Refresh wall and ceiling paint in a few spots as needed

Dream home updates:
--Knock out the little cubby wall and expand the vanity area to allow for double sinks.
--Get rid of the avocado tile and tub altogether and replace with something more updated.
--Replace the floor that was water damaged when one of my children (who shall remain nameless) flooded the bathroom two Thanksgivings ago by plugging the sink, leaving the water running, and shutting the door so no one knew what was going on until water started pouring through the living room ceiling.
--Replace the tile ceiling with a drywall one.
--New overhead light fixture/fan.


Cathi Elmore said...

You inspire me!

starting over said...

please tell me where you got that awesome medicine cabinet!