Thursday, February 11, 2016

Master Bedroom Tour

We got 27+ inches of snow last night so it is a snow day here. I love snow days (at least this is what I keep telling myself to distract myself from the fact that the weather is horrible, we have more than two feet of snow and my husband was in a car accident last night because the roads weren't plowed). I love cozying up in my home with no where to go and no place to be. It seems like a good day to share the first upstairs room on the tour of our 1920s cape cod cottage.

When we were looking at this house the realtor called it a one and a half story (which is a little misleading in my opinion since the top floor has ceiling heights to match the downstairs). However, the top story only extends to over the kitchen/dining room and not the full depth of the house. We have three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. All the bedrooms are a little on the small side.

The master bedroom is the first room  to the right at the top of the stairs. It isn't fancy like I often think master bedrooms should be, but it is comfortable and restful and cute and those are all important things too.

The first thing you see looking into the room is our dresser. It was a curb-shopping purchase when we lived in Rochester ($0.00). One man's trash and all that. I have plans to paint it and replace the hardware. This is one project I am kind of eager to tackle (unlike the China cabinet in the living room which intimidates me).


I made the bench in wood shop in 8th grade. I was inspired by many of the rooms in bed and breakfasts we stayed in last summer in the UK and decided to put a little herbal tea station on the bench. Someday I will buy myself an electric tea pot so I don't have to schlep hot water up the stairs, but this works for now.

I sewed the curtains. They are cheap, simple rod pocket curtains. I didn't even bother lining them because that would have been too complicated for my limited sewing skills, but I love the large red and white check. Someday I might replace them with something more expensive/quality.

There are two closets in this bedroom. My husband calls them the Carroll and Tolkien closets ("The Hobbit" closet--pictured above; and the "Through the Looking Glass" closet--to the right of the Hobbit closet). I'm not going to lie. I kind of hate the mirrored closet doors, but until they aren't functional any more they will probably remain.

The rug is from Aldi (yes, the grocery store--I love that place but that's a post for a different day). I think I paid $10. The bed is from IKEA. It is one of the few furniture purchases we have actually made during our marriage. Everything is cheap but functional.

The bookcase next to the bed serves as my nightstand right now. I'd like something different eventually. Matching nightstands perhaps? My apple lamp (as one of my kids calls it) was $2.00 on clearance at Target. Two. Dollars. Good deals make me giddy.

This painting was done by my great aunt Lois Black and was a gift from my Grandma Carter. She (Aunt Lois) had some stuff in the Springville Art Museum in Utah at one time (I don't know if it's still there or not. Does someone in Utah want to go check for me?). I don't know where this scene is supposed to be but sometimes when I am feeling like I need to get away I will lay on my bed and look at it and pretend I am there and it calms me a little bit.

Via The Black Apple (from my friend Kitty).
Heasley Mill Phone Box, Devon, UK. Photo by me, Jill Dunn.

I have a couple of other little things on the walls--a card that my friend gave me before I moved that I popped into a frame and an enlargement of a photo I took in Devon last summer. A cute primitive style needlework picture is beside the bookcase on my side of the bed and my back scratcher is there right within reach.

I don't have a lot of changes that I'd like to make to the master bedroom, but there are a few:
--new ceiling and overhead light fixture
--eventually replace paneling with drywall and replace crown molding
--matching nightstands
--paint dresser
--paint window casing? Update curtains/curtain rod
--Closet updates

That's it for the master bedroom. Simple and sweet. Now I'm going to go crawl under the covers because I'm freezing.

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Tanya said...

This is a great room!!! The closets are funny tho. :) I think your husband aptly named them. I also love the art- including the beautiful, unmentioned house pictures above the bed!