Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mountains and Molehills

I didn't blog yesterday, so I guess my goal to blog every weekday is a bust. I thought about it. I thought about lots of things that I could blog about, but they all seemed so trivial and insignificant. I almost didn't blog today. I'm feeling uninspired lately. What do I really have to say that's worthwhile? Don't misunderstand. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. Just really wondering. How can I make the world a better place through writing this silly blog? Can I make a difference? Is that even possible? I'd love to inspire others and change the world with my wisdom and wit but I don't know how. And to be honest, my life is just not very exciting at the moment. I'm not complaining. I kind of like boring. Boring means no drama. I don't do drama. At least I don't do it well. Sometimes it is forced upon me and then I have to face it, but I'm never very happy when that happens.

Sunday, on the drive home from church I was expounding on my love of mountains and how I don't have enough mountains in my life. My husband suggested that there are plenty of molehills around here. I should just make mountains out of them. But, like I mentioned I'm not good at drama (besides which, I was talking about the literal variety of mountains--not figurative. I don't need more figurative mountains. No thank you.). I guess for now I'm left to share my molehills with you here on the blog. Molehills don't always make for the most riveting reading, but they are the terrain of my life right now. It's kind of peaceful actually, all this mole-hilly boringness. The world is a chaotic place. Maybe what I can offer in this whole forbidding range of stark and brutal mountains that the world is dealing with is a little molehill of calm.


Tanya said...

LOVE it. Exactly what this world needs.

Ida said...

Yes a sense of calm and peacefulness is inspiring and needs to be shared. Lovely photos in your post.