Friday, October 23, 2015

Young Women in Excellence--Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I made this word art  (free for you to print for your personal use) back in September a year ago for a "Wizard of Oz" themed activity (Young Women in Excellence--YWIE) we had at church. Now we are getting ready to have our YWIE program again this weekend (different theme this time--more to come on that soon) and I still haven't shared this from last year.

Inspiration HERE
My youngest son really likes this. He's told me several times. :) I have it framed on the desk in the little boys' bedroom and it's a nice reminder during the long winter months that we will see the sun again (and this week after the last several days of gray skies that we've had).

We had a lot of fun with our "Wizard of Oz" themed night. We had a yellow brick road leading around the room to different displays where the young women talked about what they had been working on during the last year for Personal Progress. I gave a message that I titled "There's No Place Like [Our Heavenly] Home" and one of the young women gave a talk about how her Personal Progress project (gathering supplies and donating them to a women's shelter) helped her feel closer to her Heavenly Father. Everyone contributed to make the night a success.

Cowardly Lion vegetable tray

We had an epic "Wizard of Oz" themed spread: Scarecrow Diplomas (wraps), little dogs in blankets, a rainbow themed fruit platter, Tin Man hats (Hershey's kisses), melting witch cupcakes, Ding Dongs (the Witch is dead!) and some other stuff that I don't remember too (it was over a year ago).

We found cute little baskets, lined them with blue gingham and filled them with party favors--lollipops, ruby red nail polish, courage badges, magic wands, diplomas, bubbles and little heart charms.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the decorations but I was busy running around trying to make sure everything got done. The tables had red gingham cloths with light blue plates and we put red poppies in tin cans and topped them off with some metal funnels (as a nod to the Tin Man) on each table as centerpieces. It really looked so cute. Sunday we get to do it all again but with a different theme this time. I'm pretty excited about it.

And this, because this version of this song makes me happy.

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