Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mom's Graduation from BYU

Dad helps mom with her hood prior to Commencement.
You may recall that our grand UK adventure that I just finished recounting here on the blog was a graduation gift for my mom from my dad. This summer Mom graduated with a BA in Family History/Genealogy from BYU. I know it was hard for her at times--stressing over papers, tests and grades, trudging across campus in the heat and the snow, dealing with difficult professors, attending study groups, doing an internship and reading homework assignments for hours on end.

Mom was a freshman in 1964 and graduated in 2015 at the age of 70. Several years ago after I was married and already had children of my own, Mom decided she wanted to go back to school and finish her degree since she wasn't able to before she had us kids. She was an exceptional student and a wonderful example to her children and grandchildren of pursuing your dreams, aiming high, persevering and excelling in your chosen field. The paper she wrote for her senior capstone class is even going to be published in a scholarly journal.

We were lucky that wedding week coincided with graduation week so were able to be there for her graduation. We were so happy that we got to celebrate with her and honor her hard work.

Mom and my boys in the ASB.

Mom and Dad with all but two of the grandkids.
Fist bump.

That's her school--Family, Home & Social Sciences.
Waiting in the Marriott Center for Commencement to begin.

Speakers at Commencement included President Russell M. Nelson and Elder Dallin H. Oaks.
Mom got to ring the Victory Bell after Commencement.
Mom and her sisters. Love my aunts!
Most of the family after commencement.
Convocation--Mom is the second from the right with her back to the camera.
Mom shaking hands with Edward Dube.
Hanging out in the Marriott Center waiting for Mom after Convocation.
Dad and Mom with our longtime friends the Shipps.
We got to meet the university president, President Worthen and his wife.
Pretend like my brother Carter is standing on the far right next to Rob.

Mom, you are amazing! Your children and grandchildren are all so proud of what you have accomplished. We love you.


Marilyn Cassidy said...

Thank you Jill. This is a great tribute and I'm not sure I'm deserving of it. But thank you for thinking so highly of me.

Danielle said...

What a fantastic accomplishment -- so inspiring!