Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Costumes for Teen Boys

Dressing up for Halloween in high school is a thing here. There are a few rules--no masks, no hats, no face paint. I have two boys in high school this year. Last year one of them went as Superman and one of them went as a redneck (but a lot of people didn't really get it).

My kids are pretty cool. Therefore cool Halloween costumes are a must. My oldest son has been pondering his options for awhile now.

There are a few costume choices that are just kind of lame and he would never actually consider:

-- Footie pajamas (the school favorite)
--Jar Jar Binks

--Any pun costume (although personally I think a lot of these are hilarious)
--Fred Flintsone


--Power Ranger
--Pirate (only lame if you are over the age of 12)
--Cowboy (see pirate)
--Donald Trump (or any politician really)


Below are the possibilities that he has considered (or not really) but they aren't going to work for him for one reason or another:

--Shaggy--Not enough facial hair

--Bowser from Sha Na Na--not Italian-looking enough
--Buddy Holly--Nose not big enough
--Jaco Pastorius--No one would get it.
--Ferris Bueller--Sweater vest wouldn't get here in time because we can't order it with Amazon Prime

--Napoleon Dynamite--Doesn't have moon boots. Gosh!

--Slender Man--See morphsuit
--Hipster--Often looks like one anyway. Also, a typewriter would be an unwieldy costume accessory
--Henry David Thoreau--See Shaggy
--Waldo--Too mainstream

Cosmo Kramer--Can't get the sliding entrance quite right
Flea--Not enough hair, not enough tattoos and definitely not enough *tube socks. (I knew he wasn't serious when he said this one, but the shock of something so unexpected coming from such a modest kid made me belly laugh).

He has narrowed it down to two or three contenders for the actual costume. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

*Need help understanding the pop culture reference? In the past the Red Hot Chile Peppers have been known to wear tube socks instead pants. Don't over think it. And definitely don't Google it. You have been warned.

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