Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Hidden Cemetery and Pumpkin Picking Adventure

Life with four boys can get super busy but Danny has been asking if we could go pumpkin picking for about a week now, so in spite of our hectic schedules, I decided yesterday was the day.

As soon as the younger boys got off the bus yesterday afternoon, we took Seth over to the merit badge counselor's house and dropped him off. Now that the leaves have started to drop, I noticed a little rural cemetery in the counselor's neighborhood that I had never noticed before. It's wooded and encompassed by a simple rail fence. The yellow leaves made it irresistible and we had to stop for a quick look with a promise that we'd come back and check it out on a day when we have more time.

We jetted over to the high school, picked Joel up from football practice and by that time it was time to go back to the merit badge dude's house and pick Seth up. Seth had band at 6:00, so I knew we didn't have any time to go home first--we turned the car around again and drove straight out to Ontario Orchards (our favorite local farm stand) where I had heard that there was a pumpkin patch. When I asked where the patch was once we got there, they told us that all the pumpkins had been picked, so we just ended up choosing one from the already harvested lot.

Danny took this task seriously, closely inspecting each pumpkin. I guess he did get to pick the pumpkin--he just picked it off a shelf instead of off a vine.

One of my boys said this one was "ugly" but I kind of love it.
There was some serious consideration given to this bum-shaped pumpkin because I have four boys.
 In the end we end up not getting the "ugly" pumpkin or the "bum-kin". We got a pretty run of the mill one but it has quite a bit of green on it which is kind of fun.

After we dropped Seth at band we went home and had quesadillas for dinner and made caramel apples. Not bad for a busy, October day's work.

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