Saturday, February 14, 2015

Leia & Han

I made a Valentine for my husband this year. It's kind of perfect for us.
I got the Han and Leia silhouettes HERE, from Natalie at Doodlecraft. Thanks for enabling me to make the perfect Valentine for my scruffy-looking nerf herder husband, Natalie.

Feel free to save this for personal use. Just right click the image and save ot to your desktop for easy access.

Did you have any big plans for Valentine's Day weekend? I gave some little gifts to my boys (boxers and little heart-shaped boxes of chocolate) and I made a delicious dinner for my family--tortellini, spinach and italian sausage soup, homemade breadsticks and strawberry cake.

We didn't go out. The weather here has been pretty intense. Church was cancelled for tomorrow. The only other time I have had church cancelled for weather was in the middle of a hurricane when we were visiting Florida a few years ago. My kids missed their Valentine's parties at school yesterday because we had a snow day. With windchills of -15 degrees and below we haven't spent a lot of time outside so we're all getting a little cabin fever. 

My kids don't have school all next week (midwinter recess) and I'm starting to wonder if we'll all survive--it has the potential to be worse than being stuck in a cave with a wampa ice creature. A planet like Tatooine with two suns sounds kind of appealing right now. We may have to get a pet tauntaun if this keeps up much longer.
Sorry. I'll stop with the Star Wars references now.

I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Feel free to save my Leia and Han valentine for next year if you'd like.

 And because I can't resist, here's one last little bit of Star Wars wisdom for you this Valentine's Day:


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Tanya said...

hahaha, perfect timing since we just finished watching Empire Strikes Back! :D Happy Valentines!
And...too bad they can't figure out how to ship the too much weather and spread it out! We could sure use some of that extra snow...