Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer around here. The boys' last day of school was Thursday. It was nice to have a day to take it easy and reflect before all the busyness of Boy Scout camp, Cub Scout day camp, last minute goodbye get-togethers with friends, and packing the house and moving across the country completely take over our lives.

The Auburn City Cemetery, Memorial Day 2013

 When we lived in Utah there was always a program at the cemetery. We'd go and put flowers on the graves of our loved ones who've passed away and honor the memory of those who gave their lives for our country. And of course we'd have an awesome Memorial Day cookout every year. 

Memorial Day isn't really the same here--no programs at the cemetery that we've been able to find out about--but we still have some nice traditions. We had an amazing dinner complete with barbecued ribs, corn on the cob, my Grandma Carter's potato salad and our first watermelon of the year. We listened to "Why Are You Marching Son" and "God Bless the USA", and we went to the cemetery and wandered around for a bit.

Texas Sheet Cake

We came home to The Pioneer Woman's Texas Sheet Cake and an evening of Rock Band. Good times.

Memorial Day Sonnet
(From A Prairie Home Companion, Saturday, May 29, 2004)

We're here to honor those who went to war
Who did not wish to die, but did die, grievously,
In eighteen sixty-one and in two-thousand four
Though they were peaceable as you or me.
Young and innocent, they knew nothing of horror---
Singers and athletes, and all in all well-bred.
Their sergeants, mercifully, made them into warriors,
And at the end, they were moving straight ahead.
As we look at these headstones, row on row on row,
Let us see them as they were, laughing and joking,
On that bright irreverent morning long ago.
And once more, let our hearts be broken.
      God have mercy on them for their heroic gift.
      May we live the good lives they would have lived.

Happy Memorial Day!


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