Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Days. . .

--driving your kids to school in your pajamas is your only option if you want them to make it on time.

--it's worth stopping to take a picture of the forsythia bush you see as you run errands.
--you wait in line at the post office, but you really don't mind.
--you wait in line at Walmart and feel like tearing your hair out.
--you remember what you forgot (or chose to ignore) in a moment of insanity: that you hate shopping at Walmart.
--all the groceries you just bought are waterlogged by the time you get them loaded into your car.
--you are waterlogged (and worse--your shoes are soggy) by the time you get into your car.
--Oreos seem like a good idea. A lot of them. But you only eat three.
--the power goes out for a couple of hours. So much for watching a movie while you fold laundry.
--an accidental nap makes you miss picking your kid up at the bus stop.
--a kind neighbor walks your child home from the bus stop.
--the homemade chicken noodle soup you made is just okay and you keep thinking about the Oreos.
--are soft sweater and fuzzy socks kind of days.
--you get joy out of little things like seeing your kindergartener's handwriting on his valentines.
--the future is uncertain and sometimes scary but you feel hopeful.
--all the children are asleep and the only sounds you hear are ticking clocks, the quiet patter of rain and the click of the computer keyboard. And you are content. 

What kind of day did you have?

P.S. I spiffied up my blog. If you haven't stopped over in awhile come check it out. I'd love to know what you think.

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