Monday, February 11, 2013

Punny Valentines--Flags and Tags

I know puns aren't everyone's thing; they're too cheesy for some people. I'm not one of those people. I love them, and while I may not want to give all my neighbors punny Christmas presents, I think they are perfect for kids' valentines.

My kids wanted to do homemade valentines again this year. It has become a little bit of a tradition for us. I wanted to keep it easy. Specs recently discovered how much he LOVES Fruit by the Foot after Grandma sent a box of them in a package, so when I saw these Fruit by the Foot valentines at Target I snatched them up. You can write right on the package but how much fun is that? Not much. Instead I made some little tags that we attached with twine. You could also just staple them to the package if you don't want to go through the tag-tying assembly. You could use these on just about anything strawberry-ish--fruit roll-ups, strawberry Twizzlers, little cellophane bags of dried strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. 
Download your sheet of tags here.

For Tank we did sucker flags. He wanted them to say "Happy Valentine's Day, Sucker!" but I convinced him that that wasn't the nicest thing to say to someone so we went with "I'm a sucker for you, Valentine". I was going to make them all cute with notched ends and then I thought, why go to all that work?. Cutting them in straight lines is easier so I just included notched ends in the design so you have the look without going to the extra work. Fold them in half and wrap them around a sucker stick. You can either glue them or tape them into place with double sided tape. There is a spot on the back to write "to" and "from".
Download your sheet of sucker flags here.

Angels with dirty faces.
 Also, this is off the subject but Specs caught a toad on Saturday. He was excited about it in that way that only kids can be excited about toads. He told me he loved "Toady" (as he had named it). I think he carried it around for at least half an hour and would only let it go when I told him we'd take a picture so he could remember it forever.
Prince Charming in disguise?                                                       
 Do you have your valentines done? Any plans for the big day?

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Nishwitzcountry said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jill. I love seeing what you have created.