Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Card Saga (and Rejects)

This is the photo we ended up using in most of our Christmas cards this year. . .

After the stupid place I ordered them from cropped this one wrong and cut off the top of David's head. It was bad. He had no head above his glasses. 

It looked like this:

At least they refunded my money.

Then I ran out of the good pictures before all my cards were sent so a few of you on my list are going to end up with scalped David pictures in your cards when I finally get them sent (very late, I might add) because it would be a pain and cost extra money to order the half dozen or so I need to finish up my cards. That's my story. No good excuses or anything. Just me being flaky.
I was going to make a cute homemade card but ended up wasting a lot of time on the project and not being completely satisfied with any of them so I made a fancy newsletter instead. I didn't use any handy program. Just made the whole thing from scratch with GIMP. It took a l--o--n--g  time.

 Here's the newsletter:

Here are the reject Christmas cards:

It seems like I tried a couple of other variations as well, but in the end my perfectionism got the best of me and since what I was imaging in my head wasn't coming out right I used some cute store bought cards that I'd been hoarding for a couple of years. That's how I roll.

Why am I posting about Christmas cards (and other projects) after Christmas is already over?, you ask. Well, my sister and I decided that Christmas shouldn't be over the day after Christmas. Where's the fun in that? It should last through The Twelve Days of Christmas which begins on Christmas itself. Don't you agree?

And I want to tie up loose ends and start fresh for the New Year. So there.


AmyTsuruta said...

Love your concept of the 12 days of Christmas starting on Christmas...totally, I hope this catches on for 2013:)

Chuckled about the cropping of your fabulous picture. My friend had a heck of a time trying to put Christmas cards together using a photo and doing it online..Oh boy, she kept sending me the end, her card turned out fabulous AND I received it before Christmas. I absolutely LOVE your newsletter! What an awesome idea!

Happy New Year Jill:) I think I'll keep my Christmas decor up through the 12 days of Christmas {wink}.

Tanya H said...

I definitely agree!! If my birthday can take the entire month of March, Christmas can absolutely keep going until you're done with it! :) I LOVE your rainbow photo and card! Also I'm so happy to see you posting again! :)