Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little of This and That

This---> Lily pads.

That---> Frog.

This---> Berry bushes in bloom.

That---> Berries on the bush.

This---> For dinner tonight: a BLT and cantaloupe.

That---> For dinner last night: Five Guys little cheeseburger all the way.

 This---> Green tomatoes, salt and pepper.

That---> Fried green tomatoes.

This---> Tank's art.

That---> Monkey's art.

 This---> Before haircut; more like Moe.

That---> Buzzed for summer; more like Curly.

This---> Specs: "He doesn't have a head."

That---> Specs, after he came out of his shell: "That was a happy ending."

 This---> Playing hard at the pool.

That---> Worn out. He put himself to bed.

Yes. Yes, that was a happy ending.

1 comment:

Tanya H said...

ahh! I {heart} the lily pads, the frogs, the berries, the mop top hair, the turtle and the pool! :) So much happy in one post!