Friday, April 27, 2012

The View From Here

Here I am flat on my back for the second time this week. It seems that my back likes to seize up when I sleep in the same position without moving for too long. This tends to happen when I am really tired. I sleep like a log.

Monday was really bad. This time it isn't as bad but I still feel very stiff and sore. Stretch is home sick today and he is helping take care of me--bringing me water and medicine and ice packs and bacon chocolate. Not a typo--you read that right: bacon chocolate NOT baking chocolate. :)

My house is over-whelming me lately. I can't do much when I'm on my back. I can't do much when I'm not home either. Every day this week I have been either on my back or running around crazy, ergo, I feel like I am drowning in housework. I suppose I should take advantage of this opportunity to lay on the couch watching Netflix and fold some laundry.

Nah. Where's the fun in that? Instead I thought I'd post some pictures of my fireplace mantle decorated for spring/summer. My position on my back on the couch affords me a prime viewing spot for said mantle and I must say that it makes me happy to look at it.

Warning: This is a fluff post. It contains pretty pictures but not a lot of substance. I've decided everything in life doesn't have to be profound, amazing or important. Sometimes we just need a diversion. Like I do today.

I shared my boxwood wreath before. Here's the before, during and after of my flea market find window:
Here's the window, prepped and ready for priming.

 I primed with a spray primer I already had in my paint stash. I figured the gray primer would be fine under the color of paint I planned to use.

 I just painted the window with a sponge brush and acrylic paint. The other side is painted red. I left it that way. Then I can use it for Christmas too. I mixed a robin's egg blue color and an off-white color that I had on hand to make a lighter blue--very easy.

Here's the finished product. It also matches my book-shelf makeover.

And here are a few detail shots of some of the little touches that I love:
 1.) A succulent in a Jadeite tea cup. I went treasure hunting for a cup to house this little plant. Specs helped me pick this one out special. I love it that much more for that reason.

2.) Vintage buttons and 3.) wooden thread spools in blue mason jars. I got the buttons from my Uncle's things when he passed away. 

I love sifting through them looking for unique ones. These are just the neutral colored ones from my collection. 

I found the spools on my treasure hunting expedition as well. I love the pretty colors of thread. 

The spools remind me of my friend Kitty. She has a pretty wooden spool collection of her own which inspired me to start one myself. We used some of hers in making sewing kits at Christmas time. I think they made the gifts extra special.

4.) Hyrangeas and 5.) a tiny bird house. I picked these hydrangeas at the end of last summer. I think hydrangeas are my favorite summer flower. They dried so nicely. I had had the little urn for a long time--a salvage find--but didn't like the dark bronze-y color so I spray painted and sanded until it looked a little more like my style then I used it to display the hydrangeas. 

The tiny bird house reminds me of New York and my friends there. I bought it at my favorite grocery store there--Wegmans. My dear friend, Danielle converted me to Wegmans and aside from the people, it is one of the things I miss most about living there. If you've ever shopped at Wegmans, you understand.

6.) The Black Apple print was a gift from Miss Kitty. 7.) The brass horse was another treasure from my uncle. I think it may be a Christmas tree ornament or maybe part of some wind chimes. There were three or four of these horses in with the buttons when I got them. They have holes in the top for hanging. I'd love to know what they are from, but I'm not even sure how to go about researching them. I guess some of the charm of old objects is the mystery behind them.

That's it--your allotment of fluff for the day. I hope you liked the tour. I've been looking at it most of the day and as pleasant as it is, I am ready for a change of scenery. Here's hoping I'll be more mobile tomorrow.

My weekend plans include doing a little research into memory foam mattress toppers, maybe some yoga and stretching, staying close to home and getting a lot of housework done.

Happy weekend.

Today's Poem: "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by e.e. cummings


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