Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Favorite Kind of Sunday

"Better late than never"--this has become one of my mantras lately. I'm trying to learn to go with the flow a little more and not be so disappointed when things don't work out exactly as planned.

Last week in the wonderful craziness of our Easter festivities we didn't get our annual Easter picture taken. Every year since Stretch was a baby I've tried to at least snap a picture of my boys on Easter Sunday. It didn't happen last week so we made it happen this week instead. My sweet friend, Linda took these family portraits for us after church today.
 I may be a little biased but I sure do think my boys are handsome.

After we got home from church my little boys found a caterpillar in the backyard. I've never seen such excitement over a caterpillar before.

 I heard "He's cute!" at least a dozen times. Tank even gave him a name: "Caterpilly". Not terribly original but still charming, I think.

They wanted to keep it, but I convinced them that it would be more happy on a tree with plenty of leaves to munch so that is where we left him.

I loved watching the expressions on their faces and seeing them take turns holding it and giggling as it crawled on them. Ah, the simple joys of childhood.

This afternoon we shared a delicious chili dinner (complete with cornbread sticks!) with our dear friends. Kitty started my birthday week off right by surprising me with an awesome birthday present--a darling shoulder bag filled with goodies. This evening we had a supper of popcorn and pina coladas (just pineapple juice, leftover Crema de Coco and coconut milk from when I made my pound cake last week blended with ice and some water in the blender) while we watched an episode of Monk on Netflix.

This is my favorite kind of Sunday and a wonderful way to kick off the week. I can already tell it's going to be a good one.


Heather Oxborrow said...

Maybe I am biased too, because your boys ARE handsome. Love to you all!

Predilections said...

As are yours. I think we've got some good genes floating around our gene pool. ;)