Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Planting (Guest Blogger and a Gardening Giveaway)

Photo courtesy of Wes Carter via wesleycarter.wordpress.com
My cousin Wes is a Renaissance man. He crochets, cooks, paints, creates bonsai trees. He has traveled the world, sheered sheep, been an extra in movies, bred bettas. He is one talented guy and he can do just about anything he puts his mind to, but one area where he absolutely excels is gardening. His knowledge on the subject is extensive. He has an eye for beauty and this coupled with his gardening know-how is a magic combination. I asked him if he could share some tips with me and people like me who are beginning gardeners so he agreed to do a guest post here on my blog. Meet Wes:

Hi, I am Jill's "crazy" cousin. My first love was a plant, and I have extreme fondness for them. I blog a bit at: http://wesleycarter.wordpress.com/ and enjoy helping people with whatever issue they might have concerning gardening.

This year has really progressed quickly, and there is a lot to do in a short time. Soon all the garden shops will be filled to capacity with friends and neighbors trying to outdo each other.

One of my favorite ways to ensure a window box or deck planter is outstanding, is to go as large as you feel comfortable, and then push it one more size. Bigger IS better for plant roots. Having lots of room for them to grow also gives a lot of leeway if you forget a watering.

I always like color mixed with something edible. You may think I am "crazy" but basil, parsley, strawberries, chives and even cherry tomatoes are beautiful when mixed with zinnia, black or yellow leaved sweet potato vine, peppers, Japanese Blood Grass or every day marigolds.

All of these will do really well in full sun, but remember on the hottest days, just like in a garden center, you too may be watering every day.

Click on over to Wes's blog to see more pictures of some of his plants and to check out his latest post.

To celebrate spring (and the gardening season) I thought it would be fun to put together a little spring care package with some local honey, a couple of packets of seeds, Bert's Bees Hand Salve ("a farmer's friend"), a hand stamped card, and a few other treats for one of you. The giveaway is open to followers of or subscribers to my blog and/or Wes's blog. Just make sure I have a way to get in touch with you should you win.
To enter:
Mandatory entry--Leave Wes a comment on his blog HERE (you can either ask him a question you have about gardening or plants or just comment on his most recent post) and then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know that you did so.
Extra entry 1--facebook, tweet or pin this giveaway (leave me a link to verify)
Extra entry 2--post about the giveaway and mention Wes's blog on your own blog (again, leave a link to verify)

I'll take entries through April 3 (one week from today) and then we'll draw a winner out of a terracotta pot. :)

Happy spring!


Wesley_b_carter said...

Thanks Jill, that is amazing! Tell your friends to feel free to ask any questions on my blog as I am happy to help! Heck, how can I win this fantastic giveaway??!!

claire said...

I left a comment

Fritzi Marie said...

Dearest Jill,
I am so excited about all the gardening that may be happening around our neck of the woods. I think it is going to be the most fun. I wrote Wes a little note and chatted about your lovely giveaway on facebook. I'm hoping to blog about it later this afternoon. Looking forward to our afternoon adventure. See you soon.

Heidi Bartle said...

I left Wes a comment and tagged you in my Facebook post. :) Happy Spring!

Chiara said...

Amazing :))) I left a comment, the blog is really good! Thanks for the giveaway, have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Wow--he really does seem amazing. I asked him a question about a clematis I'm hoping will come back to life this year. I'm a total novice!

addie said...

Hi Jill! I left a comment on Wes' blog asking about my box woods. Thank you!

Predilections said...

Heidi, I just drew from the entries and you are the lucky winner. I am so glad for you because I think you need the pick-me-up. :) I have your address so I will get it in the mail to you soon.