Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring in Our Neighborhood

This is what spring looks like in our neighborhood. The dogwoods are in bloom right now. They are one of my favorite parts of spring. They remind me of my childhood and the hours I spent playing in the natural fort that the two dogwood trees in our front yard created--happy memories.
I also love the red buds. They make me feel nostalgic too. I remember driving along the freeway with my mom when I was growing up and oohing and ahhing over the red buds blooming in the woods along the interstate. Lovely.
It was 83 degrees at noon today (ick--this is late May or June weather, not March weather), and even though I don't have air conditioning in my car, I didn't mind so much because Alabama is in all its spring splendor right now. It's a veritable riot of flowers and it is kind of impossible not to bask in it. I sure do love my sweet home Alabama.

P.S. The wisteria is blooming too. Pictures of that coming soon.

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