Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Popcorn Popping on the Bradford Pear Tree

The Bradford (read: stinky) Pear trees are in full bloom. They are glorious and they sure do make it feel like spring.

I've been busy lately--busy dealing with stuff like a kid with two ear infections, another kid with a stomach bug, a kids with lots of extracurricular stuff (Stretch ranked Superior in all three of his numbers at the solo and ensemble festival this past weekend), overbooking myself with appointments, meetings, parent teacher conferences, classes and other obligations (and missing or forgetting at least a third of them), registering a certain four year old I know for kindergarten (sniff, sniff) and trying to get my poor broken computer to work (the part has been ordered).

Taking a break--even a short one--is my sanity right now. That and blue skies. Flowers help too. There is always time to go for a walk on a clear, crisp spring day and smell the flowers. Even if they do stink.

Yes, life is good.


Carolyn said...

Congratulations to Stretch! What instrument does he play?

Predilections said...

Thanks! I'll tell him you said so. He plays tuba and LOVES it. I never would have thought I'd have a tuba player but it is pretty fun. :)