Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Museum of Wonder

 We had a fantastic spring break adventure yesterday. We took a lovely drive through the Alabama countryside with our friends Kitty and Dan (and baby Roscoe) to the Museum of Wonder in Seale, Alabama.
My kids impersonating a two-headed chicken.
I love this globe. I wanted to take it home with me.
 The museum is filled with all sorts of weird junk, cool artwork and bizarre oddities. Imagine a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum crossed with a junk yard and an art museum and throw in some Jackalope-esque creations along with genuinely cool artifacts and you kind of get the picture. We loved every minute of it.

 Kitty and Dan were our tour guides and introduced us to the curator/proprietor/artist/creator, Butch Anthony.  After we checked out the museum, we loved looking around the place at everything from his garden to his home to his twenty-something pairs of overalls hanging out to dry in a line. Amazing.
 We were sad that the fortune telling chicken has passed away, but loved seeing the peacocks that Butch keeps.

On the drive home as we rocked out to Men at Work, I asked my boys to tell me their favorite things that they saw at the museum. Stretch liked the largest dinosaur bone found east of the Mississippi best; Monkey liked the Big Foot paraphernalia;  Tank said he liked the dwarf bones and Specs liked the peacocks.

 We're hoping to make another trip this summer. It seems like the kind of place you could go dozens of times and discover something new each time. We hope to make it to the Possum Trot Auction sometime soon too.
Thank you so much for taking us Kitty and Dan. It was definitely weirdly wonderful.


Fritzi Marie said...

We had so much fun hanging out with you and your sweet boys. What a lovely adventure.
love love,

addie said...

Love this adventure! You get cool Mom points for this. Also, I have to say, Jill you look amazing. Like there is no way you could have 4 kids. Also, your hair is gorgeous. I have not been happy with mine as of late and I am noticing cute hair. :)

Predilections said...

Thank you, Addie! It's so sweet of you to say such nice things. I have to admit that I have not loved my hair lately but I was so lucky to have a good hair day and it made me ridiculously happy. Silly and vain, I know. :D

Predilections said...

Dear Kitty,
It was so nice of you to show us around. Did you have fun at the DooNanny? I can't wait to hear about it.