Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Start

Cherry blossoms
It has been over a week since my computer died at the hands of a virus. I'm not going to lie--it has been discouraging and more than a little depressing to deal with but I am ready for a new beginning.

My husband managed to resurrect it to the point of it being minimally functional but a lot of the programs I rely on are kaput, at least for the time being. Windows no longer exists on my computer and won't until I can get hold of a Windows start up CD (my computer didn't come with one--it is an inspiron mini and doesn't have a disc drive. I've purchased an external drive now and just need the CD but it could be a hassle to get one) so I'm learning to use a Linux based system (I have my husband convinced that I am secretly a computer code guru--he couldn't be more wrong). I haven't been able to get flash to work on my computer yet and I don't have any photo editing functionality at the moment. I am able to send and receive email again and now I can use my wireless internet and blog after having some issues with those things as well. Anyway, I guess I'm just letting you know why I haven't been around much. Things are still not back to normal (what is normal anyway?) but I don't feel entirely cut off from the world anymore either.
Despite feeling kind of low lately (for a variety of reasons, not just my computer) I have found some joy in what a glorious spring we've been having. I've also been encouraged by some wonderful friends and my supportive family.

One good thing about the whole computer debacle has been that I have been more motivated to do a project here and there instead of being sucked in by Facebook or Pinterest. I'd like to share some of these things with you all but I'm going to do it piecemeal. I don't want to bog you all down with pictures and lots of random content.
So, to start here are a couple of pictures from last weekend (and one of my favorite wisteria shots from a couple of years ago). The wisteria is already mostly gone, but it was spectacular when it was in bloom.

This week is spring break. I have a feeling that things will start looking up soon. I'm ready to be over this funk and get back to my happy self. Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week and that makes me glad.

Here's to fresh starts.


Heather O. said...

Beautiful pictures! I recently have found the beauty of fresh starts as well. :) Good luck!

Heidi Bartle said...

I kind of think that wisteria only exists in books. It's just too breathtakingly beautiful to be real! But I will trust you and your camera. :)

Chin up, friend. I hope you survive spring break. We are just beginning ours and I think I might just lose my mind.

Predilections said...

Thanks Heather. This thing called life (and especially the motherhood part of it) is not for wimps!

Predilections said...

Thanks, Heidi! I can always count on an encouraging word from you (and an understanding heart!). I'll pray for you this week if you pray for me. ;D