Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabric Backed Shelves

Last week when I was without computer access I figured I had better things to do than sitting around twiddling my thumbs, so I decided to do a project I had spotted on Pinterest (original inspiration here).

I picked up some foam core at Hobby Lobby. After measuring each shelf, I cut a piece of foam core to fit the back of the shelf. I wrapped each piece in fabric and hot glued the fabric down in the back then simply slid the new shelf backings into place.
I love the effect. I especially love that you can no longer see the fold lines of the cheap cardboard backing of my Walmart book shelf. True, it's still a Walmart bookshelf and not a fine piece of furniture but I do think the new look makes a difference.
I really didn't do much in terms of rearranging the shelves. I've read that a balanced mixture of art, photos, books and decorative accents make the best styled bookshelves but let's face it, we need that valuable space for books. That doesn't leave a lot of room for tchotchkes. I just chose a few meaningful objects that I thought looked best.
So there you have it. It took me most of an afternoon to complete, but it really wasn't a difficult project and it makes a nice impact.
This is in my front room. I have plans for some other projects for this room as well but I tend to be a slow mover. Maybe I'll have it all done in the next year or two. Then it will all be out of style and it will be time to start over. :)

Have you done any Pinterest (or other) projects lately? Tell me in the comments.

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Amymyer16 said...

Oh, my--what a difference! And it looks like the fabric pattern lines up perfectly! Did you plan that? I'm in love!

mctrovato said...

Woot!! Swoon! Love it - must find more fabric asap!

xoxo michele

addie said...

Love this! Looks great, Jill! Cool fabric, too.

Predilections said...

Thanks, Addie!

Predilections said...

Thanks, Amy. I did plan that. Thanks for noticing. :)

Predilections said...

Thanks, Michele! I think I could easily become a fabric hoarder if I allowed myself to. . .

msclarke Teacher said...

Thank you very much. I knew I wanted to fabric the back of my Target shelves but didn't know how to do it. I have some great fabric, and now I have the process. Today is the perfect day to spruce up my shelves!

Predilections said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It makes me so happy when I feel like I've been helpful even in the smallest way. If you have a blog and post a picture of your shelves be sure to come back and leave me a link. I'd love to see your finished product! Cheers!