Thursday, February 23, 2012


I haven't been around in the blogosphere much lately. Here's what's been taking up my time instead:

--Watching Downton Abbey: "Hello Bandwagon, May I jump on? Why, thank you."
     The characters, the writing, the setting--it's every bit as good as everyone has been saying it is. *BONUS: Downton Abbey Paper Dolls. First spotted these on Danielle's pinboards. Hilarious.

--The eggplant parmesana sandwich from Little Italy. Oh. My. Heavens. I can't stop thinking about it. It would be worth your time to take a trip here to Auburn to get one. I'll go with you and we can split it since they are so big.

--Butter Cake. While we're on the subject of food this stuff is good. My family ate devoured it before I got a chance to take any pictures but I'll share the recipe soon. You can thank me then.

--The new Kate Spade New York Pandora station. Fun indie music.

--Painting. I painted my little boys' room on Tuesday. Three walls have fresh coats of  creamy white and one wall is. . .  a color. Pictures coming soon.

--Sick kid and the housekeeping that accompanies that.

--Playing with this little guy. The weather was amazing today. He wanted to play football. His version involved him taking the ball and running for all he was worth and yelling after me to chase him. Good times. Good times.


Heather O. said...

Wearing a lightning mcqueen hat he must've been fast! Can't wait to see the paint pictures!

Jennifer Foster said...

His new glasses make him look SO grownup!!

Predilections said...

I know! I cannot believe I will have a kindergartener in the fall. Yikes!

Predilections said...

Oh he was fast alright. I can't keep up! :)