Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Heart People

Just a few of the many, many people I love.
I love people--maybe I don't always love people as a whole as I should (I'm trying to be better at this), however as a general rule I love individuals.

Free printable 8x10--Click to enlarge. I heard this quote attributed to Marjorie Pay Hinckley but I haven't been able to verify that yet.

Last night I was able to spend time with some ladies from church. I had kind of a stinky day but being with those women, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences was really cheering and uplifting.

Today I was able to have my friend Linda over to help her with some blog things. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with her. She is an amazing person. It made me happy to be around her.

Tonight my husband got home from work and told me he wanted to take me out. I love him. I love his company. Spending time with him is one of my favorite things to do.

I took this quiz recently. I don't think there's any scientific basis for it, but it said according to my answers I am likely to be an introvert. I don't think that means I necessarily prefer to be alone. I think what it means is that rather than being a "people person" I'm more of a person person. :)

How about you? People person or person person?


Fritzimarie said...

Beautiful Jiill.
i miss you,
let's get together asap.
love you,

Predilections said...

Dear Kitty,
I miss you too!
Next week maybe?