Friday, February 10, 2012

I Heart Good Eats

Not the TV show--although that's not bad either. I'm talking about food. Yep. I love food. That's probably not news to you if you've read more than one or two of my posts. I'm pretty certain that the topic crops up (no pun intended) pretty regularly around here.
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food"~George Bernard Shaw
There aren't many foods that I've tried that I don't like. I'm not a big fan of cilantro, overly spicy food, carraway seeds and lima beans. Other than those things I'm generally pretty happy to eat just about anything from avocados to zeppoles and everything in between.

Of course it never hurts if the food is pretty. Isn't this cake amazing? A sweet young lady I know made this masterpiece for a church activity I went to tonight. She put a ton of time and effort into it and it was a thing to behold. When it comes to food, it doesn't get much better than delicious and beautiful!

When is the best time to eat? Well, I say strike while the waffle iron is hot.

Enough cheesy puns for tonight. What's your favorite food? Or if you're like me and can't pick a favorite, what have you been craving lately?


Samuel James Dunn, Esq. said...

There are two foods that I always crave. Avocados and Kix. Other food cravings come and go, but those two remain constant.

Predilections said...

I'm convinced that avocados are the food of the gods. If there aren't avocados in heaven, then I don't want to go.