Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Heart Flowers

I love flowers. I used to think it would be so romantic if my husband brought me flowers all the time, but I don't really feel that way anymore. Don't get me wrong. I still love to get flowers. Really love it. But now a lot of times it is enough if we can go on a walk together and enjoy the flowers we see along the way.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of finding flowers in the woods--little wild irises, passion flowers, violets. There were always lots of flowering bushes and trees too: honeysuckle, hydrangeas, azaleas, dogwoods and magnolias. When I went for my little childhood walks I felt like I was adventuring in some enchanted place and the finding those flowers was like discovering a special gift that had been put there just for me. 
This morning after speech I took Specs to get a much needed haircut but when we got to the "haircut store" it wasn't open yet so we decided to go for a little drive in a nearby neighborhood. Lots of early spring flowers are out already. They make me happy.

I don't have a favorite flower. It's too hard to narrow it down. I love so many of them. Do you love flowers? Do you have a favorite?


mctrovato said...

I'm swooning over your photos, Jill! And like you, how could I pick a fave - when studied up close they are all heartbreakingly beautiful. I'm very partial to hydrangeas though - they remind me of my Aunt Margaret, the coast, and courage. Thank you for this post - you brightened my day.

Ida P. Krause said...

Wow you have spring flowers already. Mine are just popping through the ground but no blooms yet. These are quite lovely. I enjoy all flowers but I think Roses are one of my favorites.

Predilections said...

Roses always make me think of my grandparents' house. They had roses in their side yard. I love them for that reason. And for the smell. Divine!

Predilections said...

I adore hydrangeas. They are among my very favorite flowers. Thank you for your comment. It brightened *my* day.