Saturday, January 14, 2012


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I haven't been around in the blogosphere much lately but I have made my bed and exercised every day for the last two weeks. I currently don't have any dirty dishes in my sink and my laundry is at the molehill stage (as opposed to the Everest that it often is). It might not sound like much but I'm actually pretty proud of myself.

See, I have this problem that I am constantly seeking a solution for: I lack balance. Also, I am a perfectionist and when it comes to time management I am mediocre at best. All of these add up to me struggling to do all the things that are necessary and important in my life and still trying to find time for personal rejuvenation. And mostly failing.

When I take the time to do the things that are "fun" (like blogging or crafting) inevitably I fall behind on the things like making sure my family has clean socks and something to eat besides cold cereal for dinner.

When my scale is tipped too far to either side I end up feeling empty and grumpy. I end up feeling like I need to do more in the areas that are lacking and I feel frustrated at not having the time to do it all.

I guess that is all part of this common experience we all share called life.

Anyway, I decided when I started this blog that I was doing it mostly for me and that I wasn't going to apologize for irregular postings and such, but I guess I did want to explain because I think sharing our experiences can help us figure out solutions. And it has been on my mind a lot lately.

Do you have any great tips for achieving balance, please share.


addie said...

I heard once that it is not "balance" we should seek. Rather, what we really need to find is harmony. Harmony because some days you need a little more laundry time and other days you need a little more rejuvenation time. Balance leads us to think of a scale, tipped evenly. Harmony is multi-tasking in a healthy way and it may be different from day to day. I feel the same as you do. It's not easy, whatever you call it!

Tanya H said...

I love the other comment you have here and I believe that is true. At least it makes perfect sense to me.
My only suggestion is what works for me- a schedule. I literally schedule out crafting time, work on this, work on that, laundry, excersize, household tasks, helping at school, whatever I have going on in my life is on my calendar. At this moment I have a calendar with my work schedule, a calendar with all the family events/tasks and a "running" calendar showing me that every 1st Friday afternoon of the month I am doing this, every 3rd Friday is this, etc. Having these schedules helps ME feel like I am getting things accomplished, whatever it may be.
Good luck to you!

Jill Cassidy Dunn said...

I love this. Great thought, Addie! It gives me hope that maybe if I just shift my perspective and aim for harmony rather than balance maybe that will work better for me. You are right, it's not easy but struggling helps us become stronger. I'm just glad to know that I'm not all alone in my struggles.

Jill Cassidy Dunn said...

Great idea! Schedule in the fun things too. I like it!