Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Amedei Kind of Day

Why does chocolate make me feel better? I don't know but it does. 

Life can be gritty and exhausting and weighing at times. But I also know it can be beautiful and magical and soaring. I am making it my quest to to surround myself with the fine, pure things that remind me of the abundant loveliness that blesses my life: beautiful music, uplifting books, art that speaks to my soul, nourishing and delicious food, sweet moments with my family and anything else lovely or of good report or praiseworthy. 

And if the price is right, occasionally something exceptional like exquisite chocolate.

Amedei Mandorle Chocolate Bar. This is some of the finest chocolate in the world. I was introduced to Amedei chocolate by my awesome brother, Rob who also has a love of  fine, beautiful things.

Retail: about $7.80 for 1.75 oz
Paid: $1.50 on clearance at TJ Maxx.

I bought the box of Amedei pralines they had too. Retail: $15.00. I paid $3.00.

Sometimes life is made quite a bit sweeter by a little confectionery therapy. And a good bargain.


Kylie said...

When I returned from my mission I came with half a suitcase full of chocolate... I miss shopping in Switzerland where even the least expensive chocolate was so wonderfully rich and divine!

Predilections said...

I will definitely agree with you. None of the Swiss-made chocolate I have ever had has been disappointing. :)