Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Library Date

A long, long time ago before four children, three graduate degrees, a lot of student loans and four moves, I used to go on dates with my husband. Then we didn't go on a date for twelve years. Just kidding. But we really didn't go on very many dates. Now that we have free slave labor babysitting, because our oldest is mature enough to be semi-responsible, we go out a lot more often.

We didn't have much money (still don't) but we enjoyed being together (still do) so we found things to do for free or cheap. We liked walking around campus, going to check on cells in the lab and hanging out at the library.  What can I say? We are nerds. Big time.

The Doctor in front of the library.

It had been awhile since our last library date and it was quite enjoyable. I liked marveling at the water bottle filling stations--I don't get out much--and the long stacks of books. I checked out one book and a couple of movies (can't wait to watch John Adams).

I once heard that Hugh Nibley, a renowned LDS scholar, read every book in the Berkeley library. Not true by the way. But he did pull every relevant book in the Berkeley library in writing his doctoral dissertation. Every relevant book? That had to be a lot of books.
I consider it a big accomplishment to get through two to three books a month. I'm not such a fast reader.
After the library we went shopping and it put me in a bad mood. I don't like shopping in crowds.

And then we went home and made crepes for dinner. And then I was in a good mood again. My favorite way to eat crepes is with powdered sugar and a little sprinkling of lemon juice. Heaven.

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