Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Calm After the Storm

This afternoon after the storm had passed
We had a tornado here today. Yep, right here in Auburn. Just a little one as far as tornadoes go, but still. So far there have been no injuries reported but there was lots of damage done.

I admit it. I was scared. Specs and I hid out in his room (no windows). He cried a little and I tried to be cheery and upbeat even though tornadoes are one of my worst phobias. I kept thinking about the tornadoes that ravaged the southeast earlier this year and how I would shove my little buddy under the bunk beds with a bunch of pillows if the storm hit close to us. It took a little prayer and a couple of hymns to calm my nerves. Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes he calms the child, I guess.

Our power was out for about an hour and it sounded pretty crazy outside but we managed alright in the end. We used my cell phone for a flashlight and Specs played with his dinosaur train toys in relative peace.

This afternoon when my boys were all home safely, I walked around our house to see what had happened and saw only a few things that I thought odd.
The picture doesn't really capture it, but the grass behind our house looked like it had sprouted fuzzy brown hair.
 There were tons of pine needles sticking straight up into the air. So weird. It reminded me of the stories I've heard about straw getting embedded in tree trunks during wind storms.
Two smallish trees downed close to our house.

I don't know how this chair got all the way over by the woods in the back yard and how it didn't get knocked over in the process of being moved.
Mostly though I was just struck by how beautiful the sky and the remaining autumn leaves looked.
I feel really blessed that we were spared from any harm or damage and pray for those who are dealing with their losses.
 Tomorrow will be brighter.

P.S. Rebecca featured one of my cards on her blog today. Fun, eh? Check it out!

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