Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Gifts

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Day 18
Thoughts on Joy:
When we used to go on trips, my mom would have several snacks and small gifts to make the often boring journey more enjoyable. I remember opening little wrapped gifts on a long trip across the country to visit grandparents. There was a little Snoopy and Woodstock puzzle, a wooden yo-yo, chewing gum and other things that I don't remember anymore. Somehow those gifts not only entertained but made our trip more of an adventure.

I have a couple of friends who are great fantastic gift-givers. It's an art, really--to be able to give thoughtful, useful, meaningful gifts. I love giving gifts but I have yet to attain this level of excellence in gift giving that my friends have. 

I have been thinking about giving gifts a lot lately. (Did you realize Christmas is just 10 weeks away? I know it sounds like a long time, but believe me, it will fly by). There is definitely joy in giving a well-received gift but as much as it is "more blessed to give than to receive", there is also joy in accepting a heartfelt gift. 

Today we went to Stretch's cross country meet. It was a sunny day and I was wearing my sunglasses. I took them off to polish them and my friend commented on how cute they are. I told her they were a gift from my best friend in New York. I related how after my second pair of glasses in as many weeks was destroyed by a certain little boy, my sweet friend sent me a care package which included these sunglasses. They were thoughtfully chosen along with some other surprises and lovingly packaged and sent on their way to me. I honestly love those sunglasses. I think about my lovely friend nearly every time I put them on. Yes, my sunglasses actually bring me joy.

I have another dear friend who is also a gifted giver. I admire her practice of sending beautiful hand-written notes through the mail. I recently watched her house and got her mail for her while she and her husband were off on an adventure. The two of them dropped by today to pick up their keys and gave me this gorgeous jar of local honey from the Smokies where they vacationed. I love honey, especially on buttered toast or in herbal tea. I was really excited that the jar contains a lovely piece of honeycomb as well. There is just something about honeycomb in a jar of honey that makes it extra special.  

We don't have a huge Christmas gift budget this year but I don't think spending lots of money is really a necessary part of the gifting process. As I was thinking about the joy that these simple gifts have brought me I realized that it really is the thought that counts. I am just going to enjoy both the giving and receiving and remember why we give gifts at Christmas time anyway. I think it will be a joyful experience.

Today I Found Joy in My Journey:
--wearing my favorite sunglasses.
--with a jar of honey.
--having a potentially horrible customer service experience turn out well in the end.
--seeing all the pretty autumn trees on the long drive out to my son's cross country meet.
--listening to Tank read. He is getting to be a good little reader and I love seeing his excitement at figuring it all out.
--from this song.

 What brought you joy today?
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