Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pine Hill Cemetery Lantern Tour

The entrance to Pine Hill Cemetery
I loved walking along the lighted paths.
A local band was there to offer entertainment as people waited for their turn to go on the tour.
Every other year the Auburn Historical Association offers a guided tour of Pine Hill Cemetery. This wrought-iron gated cemetery located in the very heart of Auburn is one of my favorite spots in the city. Many historical figures from Auburn's past are buried here. The tour winds through the cemetery on an illuminated path stopping at various grave sites along the way where actors and actresses (some actual descendents of the historical figures) in period costumes tell about the lives and contributions of the deceased. It was fun and infomative and a great way to spend a perfectly lovely October evening.

Afterwards we decided barbecue was in order. Preferably a local dive. It just seemed fitting. We decided on Mike and Ed's. 

 Dinner: Barbecue pork, white bread, pickles and cole slaw. Cole slaw that I'm pretty sure had real cream in it. Yum.
Southerners love their sweet tea. So much so that apparently a 50 gallon garbage can full of it is necessary. We had root beer.

After dinner we still weren't quite ready to go home so we strolled around downtown a little bit. I don't know how I never noticed these stained glass windows in Auburn First Baptist Church before, but they are beautiful.

I also thought the graffiti on the old abandoned train station was fitting for the month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and all.

So should I share the recipe I got in the cemetery with you? This recipe comes from Auburn Cook Book, 1923 courtesy of Mrs. B.B. Ross.

Stuffed Lady Fingers
Process: Separate lady fingers in halves and spread with either of these two mixtures and replace halves:
1) cream cheese, pecans and mayonnaise; 2) freshly cooked divinity fudge and pecans, chopped fine. Flavor with a few drops of peppermint.

Oh, and the evening wouldn't be complete with a little "Alabama Ghost Music" for you courtesy of The Pine Hill Haints. Enjoy.

Ghost Train

P.S. I'm in the middle of a 31 day series for the month of October, 31 Days of Joy in the Journey . Feel free to check it out if you are interested.


The Smith's said...

Jill that looks like so much fun, are they still doing it?

Jill said...

It was a lot of fun. Sadly it is over for this year. It was Thursday and Friday. Look for it again in October 2013. Or you can always just go check out the cemetery. I want to go back again to see some of the things they pointed out in the light of day. It is opened until sunset every day and then the fire department locks the gates.