Saturday, October 1, 2011

Peony Pin

Do you say it [pee-OH-nee] or [PEE-uh-nee]? Either way, they are one of my favorite flowers.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had done another project with the skirt that I got from the thrift store. When I picked it all apart, I saved the lining. I had seen some cool flowers using polyester satin (like the kind used for lining clothes) awhile back on a blog, so I knew this would be perfect. 

Following  these instructions here, I created this orange peony. I love it and it was so easy to do. I added a pin to the back so that I can either use it as a pin (for a blouse, hand bag or sweater) or add it to a hairband, like I did for our family pictures. Unlike the bow ties which took hours, this only took five minutes and I love the result--a perfectly pretty polyester peony. :)

And it matched the bow ties.


graham and heather said...

So pretty!

creating memories... said...

Cute! Will definitely give it a try :)

I crocheted a headband for my daughter yesterday. You can find more about it here -


Emily Moffat said...

Love this! So, so cute. Skirt lining...very clever!!

Mistylynn said...

I'm in love!!!