Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Joy Cometh in the Morning

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Day 25
Thoughts on Joy:
There is something so peaceful about mornings. That is when they aren't hectic. I'm not much of a morning person. Never have been, but I'd like to be. I'm working on it. Slowly. This habit of staying up late that I've had for all of my adult life is not going to change overnight. 

Being a mom of four boys can be chaotic. At the end of the day I often crave the peace and quiet that is so rare in the busy moments during the day. I have found myself staying up late just to have a little more of that quiet time before I have to start all over again the next day with school, homework, speech therapy, church duties, errands, house work, class parties and on and on.  It isn't wise, this staying-up-late habit of mine. Inevitably when morning comes I find myself tired, grumpy, head-achy and forgetful. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, I have my dad's eyes. No offense to my dad, but he is 70. I love my dad and I love his eyes, but there are bags under those eyes. Big ones.

So, I was thinking about those times when I either had to be (or chose to be) up before the sun. There is something magical about that time of day. The peace is almost tangible. It is a sacred thing to be able to watch light return to the earth after a dark night. It seems like I get more done on those days too. I may feel like I need a nap by 11:00am, but my days are most productive when I am up early. 

I feel like there are a couple of things that need to happen for mornings to go smoothly though. My kids' books and clothes need to be laid out ready to go. Homework must be done. It helps if shoes are accounted for and I need to get to bed at a decent hour. For me, "joy cometh in the morning" when all that preparation is done the night before and my morning can begin peacefully and I will have time to focus on what matters most:
Our first noble deed of the morning should be a humble prayer of gratitude. Scripture so counsels: 'Pray unto God, and he will be favourable unto [you]: and [you] shall see his face with joy'” Russell M. Nelson, “Joy Cometh in the Morning”
I'm going to bed early tonight.

Today I Found Joy in My Journey:
--Going with my dear friend Stacy, to visit our friend Linda and see how she is doing.
--Smiling at a stranger. The boy who rang us up at Target was so cute and had the sweetest smile. He was pleasant and courteous and reminded me of my nephew, Rick. Rick is on a mission for our church right now and I won't see him for at least another year and a half. Love that kid.Miss him.
--Laying outside with a good book while Specs played by me in his sandbox.
--Friends who loan good books and let us borrow movies.
--Cold cereal for dinner. Despite getting to bed at a decent hour last night, I have been really tired lately. (I need to remember to take my vitamins). I offered to fix some soup or fry up some eggs for dinner but was glad that my boys were enthusiastic about cold cereal. They didn't complain. They ate and were happy and that made me not feel quite as guilty.

 What brought you joy today?
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Samuel James Dunn, Esq. said...

Are you reading McCarthy's The Road? I'm curious to hear what you think of it. I started it right before school started, but haven't been able to get around to finishing it yet.

Tanya H said...

All true points. I am such a nightowl and married a worse one...and have yet to figure out how our children are dark-early morning people....But so true that "early to rise" makes for the best days ever.

Thelma said...

I am right with you, trying to adapt to being a morning person. This is our first year of early morning seminary and not an easy adjustment. I tell myself it's only for ten years but then I remember that after those ten years all my kids will be gone so that doesn't really make me feel any better...

Amanda said...

I am planning a post based on this same talk! I started reading it a few nights ago, but couldn't finish because I was too tired. I love the mornings right now--that's when I feel my best!