Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

This is a series I am doing for the month of October. If you are new, you can start HERE.
Day 16

Thoughts on Joy:
Before I jump in, let me explain a couple of things for anyone who might not know. In our church, the children's organization is called the Primary. There are classes for each age group, and each class has a different name which they are known by. The children turning four during the current calendar year are in the class called the "Sunbeams". There is even a little song about Sunbeams (you can listen here):
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,
To shine for him each day;
In ev’ry way try to please him,
At home, at school, at play.
A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.
A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
I’ll be a sunbeam for him.
Words: Nellie Talbot
Music: Edwin O. Excell, 1851–1921
This evening I got an email from my friend who substituted in the Sunbeam class today. She sent it out to the moms of the children in the class. It began "Today I found out why Jesus wants me to be a Sunbeam". It was a really sweet little note about her observations teaching the class, the things the children said, their enthusiasm, and what a joyful experience it was. They talked about Jesus's life and about the sacrament. (the "sacrament" is our name for communion). She ended her note with the sentiment that if everyone were as these little children, this would be Heaven.

After reading the email I wanted to ask Specs about Primary today. As I asked him what he learned, he got a really sad face and told me that "mean people killed Jesus because they hated him." And then he got really happy and jumped up and down with joyful enthusiasm and said, "but now He is alive again!

I can't think of anything to be more joyful about. And I think that is why Jesus wants us to become as little children (see Matthew 18: 1-6).

Today I Found Joy in My Journey:
--Talking to Specs about his Sunday School lesson.
--Going to church with my family (and making it on time)!
--Listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" album. One of my favorites.
--Taking a short(ish), but refreshing Sunday afternoon nap.

--Having all four of my boys pile onto my lap at once and having a huge group hug.

 What brought you joy today?
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Linda said...

The thing that brought me joy was seeing one of your boys with that cute orange gingham bowtie, and hearing Raquelle talk about making the pumpkin whoopie pies she saw on your blog. I feel so blessed to know you through your blog :-)

Tanya H said...


Anonymous said...

I found great blessings in the fact I got to teach in Primary on Sunday and being told that I was loved as a teacher