Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Hanky

Annabelle Fox: "What's that"
Kathleen Kelly: "That's a handkerchief. Oh. Oh my. . . Don't you even know what handkerchiefs are? A handkerchief is a kleenex that you don't throw away. See? My mother embroidered this for me with my initials and a daisy because daisies are my favorite flower." (From You've Got Mail)

My mother didn't embroider this one for me, but it does have my initial and some sweet little flowers. This pretty handkerchief arrived in my mailbox yesterday. What a happy surprise!

A few months ago when we weren't sure what was going on and if we'd be moving or not, I started boxing up the non-essentials. My vintage hankies were one of the first things to be packed away.

Last week when I had my raging cold and used almost an entire box of kleenex in a matter of a couple of days I started pining for my kerchiefs. My friend Kitty posted a photo of some she had found at an estate sale on her blog and I admired them and wished I knew where mine were.

Then today, this arrived along with a thoughtful, happy little note. I love it. I'm going to tuck it into my purse and use it to dry tears--little boys' or my own, wipe faces or hands, clean smudgy glasses, tie back hair or let small boys wrap up treasures to carry around when we are in a waiting room.

My grandpa, who is 97, has used handkerchiefs his whole life and my husband has taken to using them too. I think there is something so quaint and useful about a pocket handkerchief--charming, even. (As long as they are washed regularly!)

What's your take? Are handkerchiefs to be used practically or are they outdated or simply decorative?


Amy Parnell said...

I always used to carry them and I just loved them. Somewhere along the line I stopped using them. You have inspired me to get some and to embroider them for myself. Thanks Jill, there is something very quaint about them.

Fritzi Marie said...

I love hankies. I love to collect them and use them. Dan uses them too. My Father in law recently sent me a stash of his fathers. They are precious. I'm planning on sneaking them into Daniel's suits. I was so happy when I found the "J" one for you.
I also collect them to send to friends when they lose loved ones. A friend of mine gave me one when my Daddy passed away and I've taken it on as a tradition.
Sending you hugs dear friend.