Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Start to the Weekend

Let me start by saying we are not very geektastic here at our house. Don't get me wrong, we are plenty nerdy, but we don't have a lot of fancy technology like cable TV or toaster ovens. We do have cell phones, but they are ghetto phones--you know, the kind that drug dealers buy because they are disposable. Three words: prepaid minutes, baby. 

Anyway, today as I was laying around feeling sorry for myself  because I have an icky cold and I thought, "Why should people with the fancy phones have all the fun? I want Instagram!" (whiny voice in my head). I started searching the interwebs and found that there are indeed some programs out there that mimic the retro photography effects of Instagram. Bingo! 

My mom sent me a package this week. It was eclectic. Aside from chow mein noodles, one of the treasures she included was this Seventh Day Adventist hymnal. It belonged to my great-great grandmother. Mom was telling me that she played the guitar and was kind of a mean old lady. Cool. The guitar part, not the mean part.

Mom also sent salt water taffy which I put in my vintage canning jars. It was so pretty and colorful that I thought it would just be fun to photograph. I like the result.

Today we had our donuts and cider celebration. I opted out going to listen to Stretch play in the pep band at the football game. I didn't know if I could take the noise with the cold-induced headache I have.

Powdered Sugar Lips

So other than the sick thing, our weekend is off to a sweet start. Now I think I may go to bed so we can get up for Stretch's cross country meet in the morning. I do love autumn.

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