Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Click to enlarge. (Lyrics from "Yellow" by Coldplay. Love that band).

     Awhile back I adopted a word from SaveTheWords.org. I knew it needed to be my word as soon as I saw it. We were made for each other. The word was "starrify". Beautiful isn't it? It means just what it sounds like: to mark with a star or stars.

     I have loved stars my whole life (or at least for as long as I can remember). There's something profoundly spiritual about looking at the sky on a dark night and seeing countless stars.

     When I was in college I filled the ceiling of my dorm room with glow in the dark stars. I remember laying in bed falling asleep as they slowly faded. Sometimes I would turn the lights off and open my blinds so I could look out at the real stars as I fell asleep. It made me feel not alone somehow.

     I guess it is natural that now that I'm a mother I want my children to have those same feelings of comfort, peace and amazement at God's creations that I have always gotten from star-gazing. I have carefully arranged glow-in-the-dark star stickers in constellations on their ceilings. Sometimes I wake them up to see summer meteor showers. And I love to starrify their rooms. I had a free 8x10 print from a promotion I participated in so I finally made it into something starry for my little boys' room (see above).

     When is the last time that you looked at the stars? Go and do it the first chance you get.