Monday, September 26, 2011

Concert in the Park

We decided it would be a nice Sunday afternoon activity to take our boys to see a free concert in the park. It was lovely to sit in the shade of a big old pecan tree on our old wool army blanket and listen to classical music selected to celebrate the arrival of autumn. And of course the Sousa piece at the end was great too.
Here are my big boys listening to the music.

 And falling asleep. Stretch must be hitting another growth spurt because it sure seems like he is sleeping a lot and eating a lot. Pre-teens and teens are kind of like babies in that way.

And here are my little boys goofing off instead of paying attention. We are lucky that the right hook to Tank's jaw didn't result in a squall.

We brought our dog, Freeno too. He loves the park. There is a fenced area where he can come off the leash and just run. It's what he was born to do.

Monkey took this picture. Not the most flattering angle, but I had to post it because my husband is a big goofball.

After we let Freeno run for awhile and he wore himself out (he's a big couch potato, really), we let the boys play on a little playground nearby and then we explored the gardens. The two little boys loved this little stage. They can't get enough of being in the spotlight.

Did you have any weekend adventures?


creating memories... said...

Lovely photos :) I'am eagerly waiting for winter to start here in Dubai.. Our winter here is like your summer ;)

Brianne-zam said...

what a wonderful family activity! i did this once last year with my budding musician and he loved it!
our weekend consisted of far less educational fare- garage saling, soccer, and unpacking.